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What is the difference between ICon Air Healer and air purifiers?

ICon Pro is significantly different from existing purifiers. The device uses innovative FS-ACT technology, which translates into its features:

1. unprecedented effectiveness of air purification
which can only be compared to devices in so-called clean room technology
ICon Pro cleans the air up to the MERV19 level (this level is not achievable for any free-standing device in the world)

ICon Air Healer cleaning efficiency:
≥ 99.999% suspended dust (Particulate Matter)
PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 0.3
retains even the smallest solid particles (below 0.3μm)
≥ 99.9999 % microbes (including viruses and bacteria)
≥ 97 % volatile organic compounds (so-called VOC)

2. high performance
air flow up to 600 m3 / hour
allowing to clean the air in medium and large rooms with an area of ​​200-500 m2 and corresponding volumes.

3. continuous work
ICon Pro is a professional device designed for 24/7 continuous operation

4. maintenance free
service cycle up to 48 months (standard operation mode)
the device has a system of self-monitoring and signaling of possible errors

5. long filter replacement cycles

6. BOOST function
additional boost neutralization efficiency,
for the largest reduction in VOC and microbes

How often do I have to change the filters in the device?

ICon Pro has a long life  filter cycle

There are two filters in the device:
– pre-filter
– HEPA filter

The pre-filter should be replaced every 6 months after starting the device;

HEPA filter – standard replacement takes place every 12 months, with the assumed continuous operation of the device in the 24-hour cycle, 7 days a week (24/7)

ICon Pro can work in different conditions of air pollution, and these conditions determine how soon it will be necessary to replace its filters.

With little pollution, the HEPA filter is replaced for 24 months.

ICon Pro constantly supervises its work and automatically indicates the need for replacement if the HEPA filter is full.

How often should I service the device?

ICon Pro can work in a continuous mode without any servicing.

The technical inspection should be performed every 12 months from the moment of starting the device.

How often should the UV lamps be replaced?

ICon Pro uses UV lamps in the neutralization chamber

Service operations for replacing UV lamps in the device require replacement every 48 months of uninterrupted operation (without using the Boost function).

Is there any point in using ICon Air Healer in buildings outside the city?

Air pollution knows no bounds.

Dust, volatile compounds and microbial contaminants can be present everywhere. The need for air purification is determined by local conditions, the presence of sources of pollution, for example industrial plants, waste incineration plants, landfills, clusters of buildings with old generation stoves, roads, farms, etc.

The location of buildings on the pollution flow channels, where pollution occurs, many kilometers away from the source.

Another factor may be pollution generated inside the facility and the need for air purification, for example in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and other places where it is impossible (or impossible) to directly admit air from outside.

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