ICon Monarch

The Ultimate In Air Purification Technology

  • free standing high capacity device (up to ±600 m3/h)
  • indoor use up to 200 m2
  • extremely low operating costs
  • practically maintenance-free

ICon eliminates the following pollutants from the air:

  • ≥99,999% of ≤ 0,2 µm particulate matter
  • ≥99,9999% of microorganisms
  • ≥97% of Volatile Organic Compounds

And all this with performance of up to 600 m3/hour

FS-ACT™ – The Full Spectrum Air Cleaning Technology

A new standard in air purification technology, that completely captures irritating particulates (PM), rapidly eliminates harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and safely destroys airborne pathogens (germs and viruses).




ICon Monarch for hospitals and clinics

  • Airborne germ spread is now an existential issue
  • Patients, staff, family and regulators require clean, safe air
  • HVAC & Ventilation cannot deliver superior IAQ on their own
  • Smartphones with IAQ sensors will mean relentless scrutiny
  • Surgically clean air, 24/7, in all rooms will soon be required
  • What is your strategy to deliver superior IAQ within budget?


ICon Monarch for educational institutions

  • Airborne germ spread is a major threat to school health
  • Poor IAQ increases absenteeism and impairs thinking
  • Students, teachers and staff require clean, safe air
  • HVAC & Ventilation cannot deliver superior IAQ on their own
  • Smartphones with IAQ Sensors will mean relentless scrutiny
  • What is your strategy to deliver superior IAQ within budget?


ICon Monarch for hotels and restaurants

  • Safe and Clear Air is the new metric for hospitality
  • COVID has raised concerns about your Indoor Air Quality
  • Guests and staff require reassurance
  • HVAC & Ventilation is not enough
  • Guests will ask for IAQ data
  • Guests with asthma, allergies, respiratory problems are looking for safe place to stay
  • Want to improve main KPI’s: ADR, RevPAR?
  • You need to differentiate from your competition


ICon Monarch for office spaces

  • All offices in a building share the same ventilation system and the same bad air quality
  • One sick person in a building can be exposing everyone to germs
  • HVAC & Ventilation is not enough
  • Employees, staff, customers and visitors require reassurance
  • The high costs of absenteeism and presenteeism are qrowing due to poor IAQ
  • Poor IAQ has a major impact on productivity and creativity
  • What is your strategy to deliver superior and cost effective IAQ?


Advanced ICon control functions

Your ICon is equipped with advanced control function to let you better use it, according to your personal needs. All these advanced function are available via the ICon App (iOS and Android versions available). For App ICon management you will have to connect your ICon to available in your building WiFi network or connect to Internet via Ethernet.
In case you don’t have any WiFi network available, or for any reason you can’t connect ICon to WiFi, for example security reasons you may connect your ICon to Internet via LAN connection. For single unit management we have implemented smart functions to let you manage your Icon via Access Point, by connecting ICon to your smartphone.
Enterprise users, with more than 10 units, will have a dedicated ICon web portal available to manage all their Icons.

Advanced functions available for your ICon:

  • Management via AP (Access Point) Lan or WiFi to use smartphone App or dedicated Web Portal
  • Connecting your ICon to your personal account, for full control
  • Management up to 10 units – via the ICon App or unlimited units via the WebPortal
  • You may assign name and location to each and every ICon you have
  • Change ICon control from Manual to Automatic
  • Full control of current ICon status and it’s components: like HEPA filter and UVC lamp set usage (in % of a life span)
  • You may switch On or Off the ECO function
  • You may lock/unlock the Touch screen, to prevent unauthorised persons to change settings
  • You may set the weekly working schedule for every Icon unit. Weekly schedule is possible different for each day, for working days and weekend and/or the same for all 7 days in a week.
  • You will have an overview on main errors and tips how to react
  • You will have easy access to service support
  • More functions to come in a near future while we are developing


General specification

Power requirement AC 220 V 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption, 5 fan speeds 350 W max
Dimensions (without packaging) 133 x 50 x 44 cm
Weight (without packaging) 85 kg
Fan motor AC 230 V (v. EU), AC 110 V (v. US),
long lifespan, non-stop use OK
Control panel Touch panel + App. online
Air output ±600 m3/h ± 10%, 350 CFM
Housing material metal, wood
Noise level, 5 fan speeds 61 dB



EN 1822 filter classification HEPA H14: >99,999 %
Output air quality, Merv standard MERV 19
Main HEPA filter life H14 – average up to 24 months, with 24/7 operation,
depends on PM contamination level
PM particle filtration at ≥0,2μ (H14) >99,999 %
VOC reduction (TVOC) >95-97 %
Microbiological contamination reduction >99,9999 %

Output performance data


Recommended room size 50-200 m2, depending on air contamination level
Max room size Up to 200 m2
Neutralization chamber Self-cleanning, ling life, maintenance free for up to 20.000 hrs (when working in ECO mode)
Display languages (App.) English / Polish
Fan speed settings 5
Working modes Manual/Automatic
Electrical safety CE, EMC certification