FS-ACT Technology

Innovation in air purification!

The technology developed by our team completely heals the air, restoring its life-giving force. It not only filters out particulate matter (PM), but also inhibits all VOCs and neutralizes harmful microorganisms. Check what makes the patented FS-ACT technology stand out.

Clean and
healthy air

FS-ACT technology ensures perfectly clean and healthy air in the MERV19 class, which can only be compared with the clean room standard.

neutralization chamber

Unlike purifiers, our technology not only filters air. The central part of our system is the patented neutralization chamber, which effectively eliminates harmful microbial pollutants and dangerous chemical compounds, the so-called VOC.

Efficiency up to
500 m2

ICon Pro Air Healer is a perfect solution for large rooms, such as office, medical facility or fitness room.

The highest

No other device eliminates all three types of pollution so effectively. The effectiveness of ICon technological solutions has been confirmed by many studies at leading universities in the world, including University of Colorado (Boulder, YSA), University of Tsinghua (Beijing, China), Cracow University of Technology (Cracow, Poland) and others.


air quality

High level of pollutants.



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air quality

Air filtered from some pollutants.



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I CON Air Healer

air quality

Perfectly healthy and clean air in the MERV19 standard.



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Here’s how FS-ACT technology works in our devices:

1. A pre-filter with an activated carbon insert

Retains larger particles (e.g. dust, hair) and pre-absorbs some gases and unpleasant odors

2. Patented neutralization chamber

Key system in which VOCs are broken down and microorganisms are neutralized!

3. The advanced HEPA 14 filter

Retains even the smallest particulate matter (below 0,2 μm) as well as dead viruses and bacteria.

4. Healthy air

Perfectly clean and healthy air in the MERV19 standard is a level unattainable for any free-standing device in the world. FS-ACT technology eliminates the following pollutants from the air:
≥ 99,999 % of ≤ 0,2 µm particulate matter,
≥ 99,9999 % of microorganisms,
≥ 97 % Volatile Organic Compounds.
And all this with performance of up to 600 m3/hour*