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If you want to know more, if ICon AIR HEALER is the right solution for your office, fitness club or facility that you manage? Contact us! We are happy to advise you on how to improve the air quality in your building.

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TCO Sp z o.o.
ul. Tyniecka 126c
PL 30-376 Kraków
P: (+48) 12 268 32 18

Polluted air threatens Your health and life

We have an effective solution to this problem!

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ICon Air Healer
innovative air purifying technology

A new category of devices that are the first on the market to eliminate all types of pollutants

IAQ Monitor
for inspection
air quality
in your office

Choose TL Flair sensors according to your requirements
and integrate a building automation system

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Air free from viruses such as COVID-19

Effectiveness in eliminating microorganisms - 99,9999%

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Breathe healthy air

Clean air is the basis for thinking about a healthy lifestyle. Generally, it is a prerequisite for enjoying well-being. Therefore, in addition to a balanced diet, physical activity or adequate regeneration, it is necessary to breathe clean air.
Outdoor air condition, sensor located on our company’s building:

Current air quality in Krakow:
>>   Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)  provided by the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow

Current air quality in Europe:
>>   Real time Air Quality provided by Airly


Unfortunately, its quality inside rooms where You work, meet clients or raise children, is usually up to 10 times worse than outside. That is why it is worth ensuring adequate air quality in buildings.

Icon Air Healer

Air healer

ICon Air Healer is a completely new category of products on the air purifier market. You invest in a device that not only stops particulate matter, but at the same time destroys and neutralizes harmful microorganisms (including viruses and fungi) and chemical compounds, so-called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). ICon is a revolutionary solution that combines many advanced technologies in a free-standing device with high performance.


Innovative technology

The unique effectiveness of our devices is ensured by the unique FS-ACT technology, combining advanced filtration (ensuring MERV19 standards) with a patented neutralization chamber (guaranteeing high biocidal effectiveness as well as effective oxidation and reduction of chemical compounds). The combination of many innovative solutions provides a unique level of air purification, comparable only to the Clean Room standard.

Clean and
healthy air

neutralization chamber

Efficiency up to
500 m2

The highest


About us

TCO is a Polish company that has been focusing on the development of indoor air purifying technology and indoor air quality improving technology for several years. Our international team is composed of experts, respected inventors and innovators associated with, among others, MIT (Boston, USA) Pureti Group (USA) as well as experts and specialists from Poland. We are continuously working on the development of our technologies. Soon, more products and solutions developed by our team will appear on the market.



We want to affect current problems not only by developing effective technologies, but also through the knowledge of healthy breathing that we provide to customers. We are happy to share with you our experience in the form of various materials, including current reports, case studies or catalogues.