How to clean the air of pollen in spring

How to clean the air of pollen in spring

Spring is coming, and with it time for flowers, grasses, bushes and trees to bloom.
Everyone who is allergic goes through a real torment. In the air, in a short period of time, millions of different types of allergic plant pollen appear, causing various types of skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation (runny nose, breathing problems), eye irritation, and consequently preventing the normal functioning of a large and growing group of people. Few people who are not allergic realize that they can also join the sick.

We then flee to the rooms to limit exposure to this type of pollution, but are we safe in the rooms?

Accumulation of impurities is also present indoors. While the winds are scattering pollution outside, the pollen in the rooms persist, falling slowly to the floor. Every motion that raises the air, raises these pollutants by introducing them for a long time to circulate in the air.

The use of an air purifier becomes the ideal solution. Small devices can work in a room and a flat, but only high-performance air cleaning machines can work in large and large interiors of offices, shops, hotels and restaurants, .

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