About us

Breathe healthy, live longer

How? At TCO we believe that clean air is the foundation for thinking about a healthy lifestyle. We are a Polish company that has been focusing on the development of purifying technology and air quality improving technology in buildings for several years. Our international team is composed of recognized experts and innovators, associated for years, among others with MIT (Boston, USA) or Pureti Group (USA), as well as valued specialists and inventors from Poland.

There is a reason why our slogan is: „Well-being by breathing”, i.e. physical health and mental well-being by breathing healthy air. We want to protect our customers against inhalation of pollutants, and thus practically change reality through comprehensive activities in the fields of technology, education and supporting various initiatives.

What makes us stand out? Some members of our team have been observing the air purifiers market for over 20 years, analysing, among others, needs in terms of equipment performance, operational efficiency or market prices. The quality of air deteriorates every year in buildings, in which we spend 90% of our time on average. Despite this fact there has not yet been a device on sale that could deal with all three types of pollution well enough.

That is why our international team decided to design technology that allows us to breathe clean air. At TCO, we focus on:

Unlike standard devices, FS-ACT technology eliminates all three types of pollutants: particulate matter (PM), VOCs and microorganisms. It not only filters the air, but also neutralizes harmful substances.

We could not talk about the effectiveness of our devices were it not for the innovative approach. It is innovation that is the driving force of our activities, and also the best motivation. As a result, we are a team that does not imitate the solutions available on the market, but creates completely new product categories. Thanks to this the technologies developed by TCO are more effective, efficient and economical.

Education and support
Creating effective and secure technology is not our only goal. We intend to build public awareness in the field of clean air breathing, as well as support all activities and initiatives aimed at ensuring the Well&Healthy standard in buildings.

We are aware of all the risks associated with the level of pollution in buildings. That is why we are changing the face of air purifying technology. Despite this, we are constantly working on the development of our devices to meet the current needs of customers and contribute to their truly healthy lives. Our next products and solutions will soon be on sale.

Dariusz Mikołajczyk


Dariusz has over 30 years of experience in the field of professional purifying technologies. He gained it both as a CEO in international companies and while running his own business. As part of his studies at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, he specialized in genetics, in vitro production and related fields. Currently as a senior consultant he is associated with the i-Team Global Group based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where he is responsible for IAQ technology. In addition, Dariusz is a co-owner and also holds the position of CEO at i-Team Polska. Thanks to this, he is constantly developing his experience in sales and sales team management, marketing strategies, building technical support and service networks in Poland and abroad.

David Palmer

Inventor of neutralization chamber technology and co-creator of ICon technology

David is not only a recognized inventor, but also a talented entrepreneur. Widely valued for his activities in the development and commercialization of new, innovative technologies. For years associated with the research and development department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the areas of healthcare, semiconductors and air quality. During his activity, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering or fluid mechanics, David obtained as many as 135 patents (American and European). He also has many years of experience in management, which he gained as the founder and CEO of three technology companies. Currently, David is the CTO at American Innovative Research Corp.

Glen Finkel

Advisor – Technology and financing

Glen is an innovator in the field of clean tech, especially materials technology, which lead to significant changes in the field of sustainable development. Co-founder and president of the PURETi Group – the world leader in “light activated, air pollution reversal”, as well as co-founder of Toledo Solar – an American manufacturer of thin film solar systems. Glen has been a senior corporate director in sales, marketing, product development and global supply for almost 40 years.