Current air quality

Current air quality

We appreciate the cleanliness of the air and which we breathe. We usually base the knowledge on air polution monitoring records.

In Poland, air polution is monitored by the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and private institutions. The state air monitoring network examines the entire spectrum of air parameters.

Unfortunatelly monitoring system of the Environmental Protection Inspection stations has small number and their stations are located only in large cities and at large industrial plants. The advantage is that the system automatically records many pollutant parameters and stores them and shares the processed results.

By entering the website of the Inspection Service, we can get to know the current state and the long-term history of air polution and get to know the forecast of air pollution for the next few days.
Valuable supplement of air monitoring are private and local society network air monitoring stations.

Learn about the air polution in Krakow town and the historical measurement results from all six measurement stations located in the city.

Smaller towns are practically without of monitoring the Environmental Protection Inspection.

A valuable supplement of the air polution monitoring network is a large number of air monitoring stations belonging to the local communities and private persons or companies, thanks we can to know current air polution. The results can be viewed by smarphone applications or on websites.

There are a few in Poland that collect data from sensors and make data to the public.

Air polution are usually measured without high acuraccy by low-cost sensors registering only a few of the air parameters (PM 2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, pressure, and NO2 + O3 / CO), but it is sufficient to show exceeding of the air pollution norms.

It is important that despite the lack of systematic calibration and often the location not fully compliant with the standards, they are located in whole country.