November 14 – Clean Air Day

November 14 – Clean Air Day

First time the European Clean Air Day was celebrated in 2019. It was initiated by the ESCA (European Social Science Association) from the Netherlands.

The media inform about air pollution problems: examples and consequences of pollutant emissions. Air quality affects the health of people and the natural environment.

Air pollution is a local and global problem in one. Pollution generated in one place move long distances, cross borders and even continents. The global nature of air pollutants influences the participation in climate change. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified coal burning as one of the main drivers of climate change. The Sustainable Development Goals also concern the problem of pollution. One of the tasks of the third goal, which is to ensure good health and quality of life, is to significantly reduce (by 2030) the number of deaths and diseases caused by hazardous chemicals as well as air, water and soil pollution and contamination.

We are all responsible for the state of the air. Each of us makes choices every day that shift into the quality of the air in our immediate vicinity, and often also the condition of the air that people breathe on the other side of the world. Every day we decide which means of transport we will use, how we will heat our homes or how much pollution we will “introduce” into the environment through the choices we make when shopping – producing each item we buy carries environmental costs.

Monitor systematically the air parameters alongside, check the condition of the atmosphere in rooms and buildings in which you are staying. Let use devices that effectively reduce air pollutants.

We are all responsible for the clean air
By taking care the air, we take care for ourselves.

Let’s do it, but not only on the occasion of Clean Air Day on November 14

Air parameters measured outside of our company’s building: