How does Pureti technology work?

How does Pureti technology work?

Pureti is a photocatalysis technology, activated by UV radiation or sunlight, starts a chemical process that uses oxygen (O2) and air humidity (H2O) to generate hydroxyl groups (OH) and superoxide anions (O2).

They are powerful agents that break down particles of gaseous air pollutants such as NOX, SOX and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into inert components or forms easily broken down by plants.

Road traffic, industry
and agriculture produce nitrogen oxides (NOX) volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an important part of particulate matter (PM),

Activated by sunlight, PURETi, using oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O), causes the decomposition of harmful compounds and the production of strong oxidizing agents:

  • Hydroxylradicals (OH)
  • Superoxide-anions (O2)

Superoxide anions oxidize NOX into harmless mineral nitrates, which in turn are processed by plants.

Hydroxyl (OH-) radicals convert volatile organic compounds into water vapor (H2O) and a small amount of CO2.

The end result after the disposal of pollutants is purified air

The innovative air purification in ICon Pro using Pureti technology does not close the application of the solution.

Pureti preparations are used in commercial buildings (office buildings, shops, hotels) and public buildings (schools, stations, airports, universities, museums, stadiums and sports facilities), road construction and many others.
There are glass and stainless steel cleaners.

We present examples of the application of Pureti products in other articles on our blog.