Artificial grass products that improve air quality

Artificial grass products that improve air quality

Learn about the use of advanced Pureti technology in sports facilities.

Improving air quality
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths worldwide each year. Puretii powered artificial grass reduces harmful NOX by up to 70%.

Antibacterial properties
Thanks to photocatalytic oxidation, Pureti is a new and innovative method that keeps sports field surfaces free from mold, moss and algae, and also leads to a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Ecological product
Artificial grass powered by Pureti no longer requires treatments with biocides or other products to prevent the growth of mold, moss and algae.

Artificial grass powered by Pureti has increased UV stability and surpasses all other properties of artificial grass in terms of durability.

Odor elimination
Pureti oxidizes organic components and pollutants at the molecular level. Thanks to artificial grass powered by PURETi you will smell the freshly improved the air quality.

Research shows that a football field with artificial grass supported by Pureti technology neutralizes 188 kg of NOX per year, and also proves that the air cleaning effect increases with the surface. This is equivalent to the NOX emissions of 200 Euro 5 cars that drive 20 km per day for one year.

The air purifying effect of 1m² artificial grass powered by PURETi is comparable with 1 mature tree towards NOX and VOC degradation. Consequently, a football field of 8,000 m2 powered by PURETi can be considered the equivalent of 8,000 mature trees, which corresponds to a forest of approximately 20 hectares.

PURETi reduces the NOX by 70%.