Cigarette smoke – poison in the air

Cigarette smoke – poison in the air

Cigarettes have a lot in common with smog. They are one of the main causes of many chronic diseases. Cigarettes in the combustion process create smoke containing carcinogenic benzo (a) pyrene, soot, nitrogen oxides and other toxic substances including heavy metals. In total, cigarette smoke contains several thousand toxic substances, of which about 100 have been considered harmful or potentially harmful to health.

Liquid e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes,
but the components of e-cigarettes used are also harmful. Flavorings, originally approved for use in the food industry, for example, when used in an e-cigarette, become toxic when inhaled when heated.
Cinnamaldehyde and vanillin are the most toxic.
Harmfulness has also been found in relation to two basic components of e-cigarettes: propylene glycol or glycerin. When heated, both of these substances inhibit cell growth.

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Cigarettes kill an average of 7.2 million people a year.