How to be sure that the air is cleaner after the purifier’s process

How to be sure that the air is cleaner after the purifier’s process

There is only one answer – you need to effectively clean the air. Airing the rooms may not be sufficient, often even inadvisable, especially when there is smog outside. By opening the windows, we expose ourselves to a significant amount of pollution. That is why we have to use air purifiers.

You need to pay attention to the important parameters of the devices that allow us to answer questions, for example:

How much time does the purifier need to work in a room to reduce air pollution to a safe level?

It’s about the relation of the surface on which the purifier is located and the space – the volume of air that is related to that surface. The purifier must, through its filters, circulate air many times, get the air from the room, and after cleaning, re-circulate it by mixing it with still present, polluted air.
Multiple of this process related to the total amount of air in the room is a parameter defining the possibility of purification.

The room in which we clean the air is never closed. “new” (polluted) air may flow into it by ventillation system, opened doors, HVAC system etc.

Only high and very high efficiency devices are able to effectively clean the air with their efficient filters and their sufficiently large surface.

ICon Pro is dedicated to rooms up to 500 m2.
This means that the the purifier must have a size and power appropriate to filters and own air ducts used to circulate large amount of air.

Many manufactures advertise their purifiers indicating only the surface to which the purifier is dedicated. These devices are not able to effectively clean the air in practice, because they are simply too weak for the air volume of the rooms in which they are supposed to work. Effective purifing the air could not be possible after many days of uninterrupted work with their highest speed of the machine.

Usually purifiers are operated at low speeds to keep them quiet, which result is low air purification.

The next question is:

does the purifier really catch all the air pollution?

What is the effectiveness of the purifier, what is the air purity class after filtration?

It is worth ask a question about operating conditions and costs, i.e. how often should the filters be changed?

ICon Pro is a professional device, for 24/7 continuous operation, for medium and large surfaces and corresponding volumes.

Filtrated air pollution with the biggest efficiency:

  • PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 0.3 dusts efficiency over 99.999%
  • microbes (including viruses and bacteria) over 99.9999%
  • volatile organic compounds over 97%

The principle of ICon Pro is not only to capture contaminants, but to kill viruses, bacteria and neutralize volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other air purification devices do not that. ICon Pro filters can be used more longer than another purifier’s filters. It gives lower operating costs for user.